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V Formation Pattern · Vacation Club Account · Valuable Consideration · Valuation · Valuation Opportunity Cost · Valuation Reserve · Value Added Monthly Index · Value Added Tax · Value Additivity Principal · Value at Risk · Value at Risk Model · Value Averaging · Value Based Management · Value Broker · Value Dating · Value Fund · Value Funds · Value Investing · Value Line Composite Index · Value Line Investment Survey · Value Manager · Value Maximization · Value Spot · Value Stock · Value Stock Fund · Value Stocks · Value to Owner · Value Trap · Valued Based Company · Vancouver Stock Exchange · Vanilla Issue · Vanishing Premium Policy · Variable Annuities · Variable Annuity · Variable Committed Expense · Variable Cost · Variable Death Benefit · Variable Interest Entity · Variable Interest Rate · Variable Life · Variable Life Insurance Policy · Variable Maturity Option · Variable Price Limit · Variable Price Security · Variable Rate · Variable Rate Cds · Variable Rate Certificate · Variable Rate Demand Bond · Variable Rate Demand Note · Variable Rate Demand Obligation · Variable Rate Loan · Variable Rated Demand Bond · Variable Ratio Plan · Variable Ratio Write · Variable Universal Life · Variance Minimization Approach to Tracking · Variance Rule · Variation Margin · Vault Receipt · Vega Options · Velocity Market · Vendor Financing · Venture Capital · Venture Capital Firm · Venture Capital Fund · Venture Capital Limited Partnership · Venture Capitalist · Vertical Acquisition · Vertical Analysis · Vertical Integration · Vertical Line Charting · Vertical Market · Vertical Merger · Vertical Spread · Vesting Period · Veterans Administration Mortgage · Vetoing Stock · Viatical Settlement · Victim Impact Statement · Vienna Stock Exchange · Viral Marketing · Virtual Currency Option · Virtual Options Trading · Visible Supply · VIX indicator · VIX volatility indicator · Volatility Index · Volatility Index (VIX) · Volatility Quote Trading · Volatility Risk · Volatility Spread · Volatility Trading · Volume Deleted · Volume Discount · Volume Moving Average · Volume of Trade · Volume Price Trend · Volume Weighted Average Price · Voluntary Accumulation Plan · Voluntary Bankruptcy · Voluntary Contribution · Voluntary Liquidation · Voluntary Plan · Voting Agreement · Voting Certificate · Voting Right · Voting Rights · Voting Shares · Voting Stock · Voting Trust · Voting Trust Certificate · Vulture Capital · Vulture Capitalist · Vulture Fund · Vulture Funds · VWAP ·

Research Portals and Glossary of 10,700 Financial Trading & Investing Terms
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

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